I believe we were given the opportunity to experience addiction so we could use our wisdom to grow into our best selves and ultimately help others do the same.

It’s our lot and our gift all at the same time.

Chances are, you’ve spent a great deal of time, hiding from life to stay safe and comfortable. You’ve numbed out and kept yourself in the shadows.

I’ve spent enough time in recovery to know that you need to step into the light in order to grow. That means facing your fears and getting to the important work at hand. Letting go of the pain and finding what lights you up, so you can light up the world with all that you’ve got.

My coaching philosophy is simple. Change is necessary to create the results you want but you can’t go this alone. It takes time and support and sheer, bold courage to get there.

I’m here to walk beside you and support you in making these critical shifts that are necessary to create the life of your dreams.


In this intimate and fiercely supportive 8 week program, we will delve deeper into the Leap Essentials and by incorporating them into our daily practice, take your recovery to the next level.


1:1 Coaching

In 1:1 coaching, we’ll examine the thoughts that are holding you back and create an actionable life plan to let go of fear, increase your confidence and start building the life you were meant to live.