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What Are You Grateful For?

Recovery is an amazing gift as well as a tremendous responsibility. Not just to ourselves, because maintaining our sobriety is first and foremost, but to others  we can touch along the way by sharing our truth. We've been offered this amazing second chance and although that chance may have come at a cost, it was… read the full post...

Back To The Basics

There are many things you can incorporate into your daily routine to increase your joy and vitality in recovery and they don't have to be overcomplicated. In fact, they can be very simple. Here are a few of my favorites. Find Balance. Breathe deeply and hold a space for yourself to work, play and rest… read the full post...

Staying Sane on the 4th

We all know what the good ole 4th of July marks the peak of the summer and is filled with spectacular fireworks, sparklers, punks, community races, parades, pool parties and oh yes, the BBQs that inevitably come with oodles of food and lots and lots of booze... While taking part in the party aspects of… read the full post...

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