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Finding your freedom

I was talking with a friend of mine and we were discussing the changes we've been through in sobriety and how we've learned to actually stop and be honest with ourselves when we fall back into old habits of self criticism and doubt. I shared that in my drinking days, I was under such a… read the full post...

Creating miracles every day

Living in a time of such political unrest, it's easy to feel distracted by the shadows of uncertainty that surround us. This makes me think about how I can remain inspired and brings to mind the incredible people in my midst who create miracles in their lives and the lives of others every day. I'm… read the full post...

What Are You Grateful For?

Recovery is an amazing gift as well as a tremendous responsibility. Not just to ourselves, because maintaining our sobriety is first and foremost, but to others  we can touch along the way by sharing our truth. We've been offered this amazing second chance and although that chance may have come at a cost, it was… read the full post...

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