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Seeing ourselves differently

As women in recovery, our lack of self acceptance is no real mystery. It's been with us for a long time. We were brought up by mothers who were taught by their mothers to stay humble and not get too full of themselves. It's no wonder that being bold, outgoing and self-confident was rarely rewarded.  We were taught for generations that the real prize is given to those who do… read the full post...

An ode to surrender

My body is wise. When it needs my attention, It provides me with signs too countless to mention. This week it was grumpy and demanded much more. Tossing patience aside, it let out a roar. Though terse and defiant, it needs to be firm. To teach me to listen, to balance, to learn. And so… read the full post...

Embracing the calm in sobriety

In addiction, the depth of churn and drama we created was constant and unyielding. We found ourselves always in the midst of turmoil. Doing whatever we could to try to clean up the mess we created the night before. Thinking we were so smart and no one was onto our game. When in reality, we were… read the full post...

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