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I’m Noelle and I’m so grateful to be here. On the other side of a rocky road that has strengthened my belief in the magic that comes in those pivotal moments, when we’re forced to make the difficult decisions that change the course of our lives.

IMG_9375-8x12 high res bwMy recovery began over 5 years ago, after spending a decade trying to temper the noise, I made the critical decision to stop drinking and put an end to the crazy. To the outside world, everything was going according to plan.  I was on the fast track of a successful career and had a budding social life, but behind closed doors I was overwhelmed by relentless self-doubt and anxiety and showing up to contribute at the level I knew I was capable of became more and more challenging. Something had to give.

Getting sober was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and when I look back on where I was in the thick of it to where I am today, it’s nothing short of a miracle.

Since then, amazing changes continue to happen in my life. I’ve learned to leverage my strengths and focus on helping professional women find joy in sobriety by exploring a more holistic approach to self care and stress management.

I’ve been a Corporate Management Coach for over 25 years and understand first hand the stress of striving to keep sanity and balance during challenging times. I became a Certified IIN Health Coach and an Addiction Recovery Coach to follow my passion of helping others move beyond the discomfort of recovery to start living a life unencumbered by limitation.

I believe it’s not just about sobriety, it’s about embracing change and being bolder in all aspects of your life.

All it takes is support and the will to make it happen.