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Embracing the calm in sobriety

In addiction, the depth of churn and drama we created was constant and unyielding.

We found ourselves always in the midst of turmoil. Doing whatever we could to try to clean up the mess we created the night before. Thinking we were so smart and no one was onto our game. When in reality, we were hanging on by a thread, struggling to stay ahead of the fallout and trying desperately to balance the highs and lows with whatever energy we could muster.

A fruitless effort to say the least. When you’re on a treadmill doing whatever you can to outrun the consequences of your own creation, exhaustion is inevitable.

In sobriety, we take ownership for our actions and pick our battles wisely, knowing that our precious energy is needed for more noble pursuits. We create a calm and clear path by letting go of the struggle and holding ourselves accountable for staying in a place of pure integrity in everything we do.

In essence, when we take care of ourselves we consciously forego the drama for the greater reward of peace of mind and balance.  This allows us to finally surrender the chase.

As we look at ourselves through clearer eyes, we experience what it feels like to consciously step out of the swirl and find peace in simplicity.

Sure, we still have our bad days but the extremes are more tempered and instead of doing everything in our power to avoid the consequences of our actions, we stand on more solid ground, able to see challenges for what they truly are.

Life’s lessons that are meant to guide us to a higher place of understanding and show us how far we’ve come.

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