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Creating miracles every day

Living in a time of such political unrest, it’s easy to feel distracted by the shadows of uncertainty that surround us. This makes me think about how I can remain inspired and brings to mind the incredible people in my midst who create miracles in their lives and the lives of others every day.

I’m lifted up and see the light of hope in:

The tenacity of women around me finding the strength to carry on, knowing in their hearts that even the most difficult of obstacles can be overcome.

The courage of others struggling with addiction who are listening to that faint little voice that’s telling them it’s time to stop the madness.

The honesty of those who are learning, little by little that the true power is found in their willingness to surrender.

The truth that comes from seeing the world through hopeful and inquisitive eyes.

The fortitude in those who’ve overcome addiction and found the strength to reach beyond their story to truly heal.

The tirelessness of the warriors creating change in the world of recovery and sharing their experience to transform others.

These are merely hints of the magic that help me find my way in even my darkest moments.

Where do you find your rays of light?

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