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Take Off

Whether you realize it or not, once you let go of your addiction, the universe was notified that you’re ready to step into a whole new level of presence and contribution.

You may have been under the assumption that you were just getting out of your own way and saving your own life

but oh no, that’s only half the story.

Your purpose is much greater than that. You were chosen to light up the world with your courage, determination and hard earned wisdom. To show by example how to take self doubt and turn it into the rocket fuel we call self love.

You pull the release to your parachute and as you drift down slowly with steadfast intention, you are creating a whole new experience for yourself and those around you.

One action at a time.

That’s why this process of recovery can feel so daunting. It has a ripple effect. The more you change how you show up in the world, the more you teach others to do the same.

It’s simple, not easy but the rewards are oh so sweet. Inviting you to ask yourself the most important question of all….

Are you ready for take off?

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