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Focusing On The Present

When we get sober and fill our days with more activity and substance of the healthy kind we begin to realize that we don’t have time to waste.

Life feels more precious and we want to spend every second, minute and hour of our day wisely. So, it’s important to take a closer look at where our focus lies.

Are you pre-occupied with what’s happened in the past or pondering what may happen in the future instead of staying in the moment? Many of us would admit we often find ourselves living in a completely different time zone.

This isn’t surprising. Addiction taught us to distract ourselves in order to avoid pain at all costs. Being fully engaged in the present means experiencing life with all its edges and that can feel incredibly uncomfortable. So, we fell into a habit of running and hiding from it all together.

We soon realize that this just keeps us in a state of unawareness. Staying grounded in the present is critical to our sobriety because it’s where we learn to dance with life and experience genuine growth.

So when you feel a pull to jump back or leap forward in time, bring yourself back to what’s unfolding in your midst and have faith in the process.

The lessons you are meant to learn are hidden in the here and now.

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