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A Dream

I’m at a bar or a party,
I can’t really tell.
The crowd is so dense
I can’t see the faces.
I feel lost and consumed.
longing to leave,
I search for the door.
It’s nowhere in sight.

I look down at my glass
and realize it’s empty.
My heart is now sinking.
I have no excuse.
I’m back in the chaos
and drinking again.

I feel like I’m falling
and shake myself awake.
Staring at the ceiling.
I feel the warmth of the covers
and realize I’m home.
No drinking, no drama.
Just me and the soft light
streaming in the window.

I inhale the love
and exhale the fear.
Relief and gratitude
begin to wash over me.
My sobriety is still with me.
It was only a dream.

Thank God, it was only a dream.

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