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Light In The Storm

When you entered recovery you took a leap of faith.
Faith in your conviction to stay the course.
Knowing the rewards on the other side
would be well worth the wait.

You took it minute by minute, day by day
hour by hour, year by year.
As time has passed, you’ve built your resolve
and strengthened your ability to take on more.

We’re facing trying times right now.
Divisiveness and chaos are all around us.
This sense of uncertainty may bring back feelings
of fear or anger or hopelessness.
Testing your commitment to your sobriety.

But in these difficult moments, there’s a beacon of light
reminding you of the path you’re on
and the unspeakable odds you’ve overcome
to get where you are today.

Pain and anxiety are nothing new.
The challenge you face is continuing to see
the strength you have inside of you
to weather any storm.

It’s a challenge no doubt,
but nothing your can’t handle.

Yep, just as I suspected.

You’ve got this.

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