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The Journey

I was always so fearful of turning 50 that I never imagined I’de be so pleasantly surprised by it’s arrival.

I expected it to play out like every other year, where I pulled out my imaginary measuring stick to determine where I was supposed to be in life. Letting what I thought others expected of me dictate my success or failure.

This year was the big one, so I kept waiting for the self scrutiny to rear its ugly head. But it never came. That’s when I realized that things are finally coming together. All the pain and anguish of overcoming addiction has brought me to this very sweet and special place. Feeling alive and comfortable in my own skin.

I’ll hit another milestone next month, 5 years of sobriety. It’s no accident that my life has significantly shifted since I decided to face my demons and ditch the booze for good. With every day that passes, the cloud of uncertainty that I carried around with me for so many years has slowly dissipated and is replaced by a stronger sense of knowing that everything is right on time and where it needs to be.

I see things differently now and am far less concerned about what others think of me. I’m fiercely committed to surrounding myself with people who lift me up and am relentless about not wasting time with those who don’t.

Living a life of honesty and authenticity has become my top priority and something I strive for every day as I continue to grow older and wiser and more at home with who I am.

I feel grateful for my past experiences, the good the bad and the ugly. They’ve made me who I am today and I can’t wait to discover what comes next on this amazing journey.

So for those of you who are ushering in a birthday of any kind, my wish for you is: the comfort of knowing you’re on the right track, immense kudos for time well spent and a celebration of epic proportions.

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