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Take the Leap!

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It’s Time.

There are many roads to recovery. Its what you do when you get there that makes all the difference.

As your sobriety lifts you out of the fog, you can feel a glimmer of light that continues to grow, each and every day.

That’s the fire in your belly that will never go away.

All it takes is time and attention to stoke the flame as it opens you up to view the world through a different lens.

Inviting you to move beyond the past and embrace the challenge of showing up in the present in a whole new way.

As a wise, fearless and powerful woman.

So, let’s do this.

With honesty, with heart and with moxie.


I’m so happy you’re here. You’re part of a circle of fiercely bold women who continue to conquer the challenge of alcohol addiction every day. You’ve been through the trenches and learned that honesty and humility frees you from the need to be anything other than yourself. You have so much to share and sobriety is just the beginning of your remarkable journey.

Can you imagine with the power you hold, how much you could do if you channeled it back out into the world?

The possibilities are endless.

Read about my journey…

Taking a time out to breathe

Calming our system on a consistent basis is critical for us to stay on track in sobriety. For those of us who have limited time during the day to meditate or even sit still for an extended period of time, I have a quick and easy technique to share with you called Breath of Fire… read the full post...

Finding your freedom

I was talking with a friend of mine and we were discussing the changes we've been through in sobriety and how we've learned to actually stop and be honest with ourselves when we fall back into old habits of self criticism and doubt. I shared that in my drinking days, I was under such a… read the full post...

The Guide

The ultimate guide for women who are ready to step into the light and thrive in recovery. This book reminds us of the simple truths we’ve always known but lost along the way and provides the practical wisdom to create an amazing life beyond addiction.

The Spark Salon is a warm, cozy spot to kick off your shoes, relax and look at life a little differently.

Come on in!

Leap Truths

Surrender. It will set you free.

Feel the Force. It’s all around you.

Dig Deep. Feelings are your best teachers.

Stay Present. It’s all a matter of time.

Crush the Bubble. Keep thoughts that serve and lose the rest.

Sing Mama Sing! Let your voice be heard.

Breathe. Mindfulness is magic.

Take Care. You owe it to yourself and others.

Moxie Baby. Live life on your own terms.

Find the Spark. Ignite your creativity.

Bring It. Share all you’ve got. The world is waiting.

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